Who Has More Game Winners Kobe Or Jordan?

How many game winners does Kobe have?

eight gameKobe Bryant (8) Known as one of the greatest clutch performers of all time, the Los Angeles Lakers legend drained a total of eight game-winning buzzer-beaters throughout his Hall of Fame career..

Who has the most buzzer beaters in NBA history?

JordanAccording to Basketball Reference, Jordan made a total of nine game-winning buzzer-beaters in his Hall of Fame career, which is the most in NBA history. Kobe Bryant and Joe Johnson rank second with eight each, followed by LeBron James and Paul Piece with seven each.

Who has missed the most game winning shots in NBA history?

Kobe Bryant1. Kobe Bryant — 14,481 Missed Shots.

How many game winning shots Does Michael Jordan have?

25 game winning shotsJordan had 25 game winning shots in his NBA career with plenty of buzzer beaters and highlight dunks to go along. He was 9-18 in the final 24 seconds and 5-11 in the final 10 seconds.

How many NBA records does Michael Jordan have?

Jordan had a streak of 632 games without losing three straight games, most by any player! Jordan’s combination of 10 scoring titles, five league MVPs, six Finals MVPs, 10 All-NBA First team honors and nine All-Defensive First team honor will NEVER be matched. Jordan’s six Finals MVP’s is an all-time record.

Was Kobe better than Jordan?

Scoring Ability Kobe Bryant has more career points than Michael Jordan, but Jordan was the better scorer between the two. Highlighted by his NBA record 10 scoring titles, Jordan also averaged 30.1 points per game. … He led the league in scoring 10 out of his 15 seasons and scored a career-high 37.1 PPG in 1986.

Who is the most clutch NBA player ever?

With a track record of clutch dominance that spans nearly a decade, Lillard is reaching rarified air, and on Thursday’s “Undisputed,” Shannon Sharpe said not only that Lillard is the most clutch player of his generation but also that he compares favorably to Michael Jordan – at least in that area of the game.

Who’s more clutch LeBron or Kobe?

FanSided is right: LeBron James is more clutch than Kobe Bryant.

Who has the most buzzer beaters of all time?

Who has the most game-winning buzzer-beaters in the history of each franchise?76ers. Andre Iguodala tied with Dolph Schayes (3)Blazers. Damian Lillard (3)Bucks. Sidney Moncrief (3)Bulls. Michael Jordan (8)Cavaliers. LeBron James (6)Celtics. Paul Pierce (6)Clippers. Blake Griffin (2)Grizzlies. Rudy Gay (3)More items…•Feb 10, 2021

Did Kobe play against Jordan?

Bryant timeline is which player won more. In that sense, Bryant has the clear edge: He went 5-3 against Jordan in the regular season and 2-1 in All-Star games for a combined 7-4 record against Jordan.

Who has more game winning shots Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?

Jordan Is Much More Clutch Than Kobe Is Kobe has already tied Jordan in terms of making game winning shots after his shot against the Bucks raised his total to 27—the same as Jordan. In his career, Jordan averaged 33.4 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 5.7 assists, while shooting 48.7 percent from the field.

Who has more game winners?

Game Winning ShotsPlayerFgmFg%LeBron James17.340Vince Carter16.314Ray Allen15.385Kobe Bryant14.25055 more rows

What did MJ say to Kobe?

“When Kobe Bryant died, a piece of me died,” Jordan said at Bryant’s memorial service. “I promise you from this day forward that I will live with the memories that I had a little brother that I tried to help in every way that I could. Please rest in peace little brother.”

Did Kobe copy Michael Jordan?

The truth can now be told: Yes, Kobe Bryant says, he did copy Jordan—”Damn near 100 percent of the technique,” he says. … Both players valued each other as basketball savants, but Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant also had a deeper connection that transcended basketball.

Who is more clutch MJ or LeBron?

In conclusion, LeBron is much more clutch than Jordan. … LeBron James has also hit more buzzer beaters than Jordan, and more go-ahead shots with five seconds to go in the game. His field goal percentage on these shots is also higher than Jordan’s. You can see the statistics of each of their made shots below.

Is Devin Booker a clutch?

Stats Prove Devin Booker Has Been Second-Most Clutch Player in NBA Since His Debut. … Booker is now in his sixth season in the league, and he has already established himself as a clutch player. This was his fifth career go-ahead shot in the final five seconds of the game.