What Is Derrick Henry Salary?

How much does Derrick Henry make in the NFL?

Henry’s contract, which averages $12.5 million per year, makes him the NFL’s fifth-highest-paid running back, trailing only the Panthers’ Christian McCaffrey ($16 million), the Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott ($15 million), the Jets’ Le’Veon Bell ($13.1 million) and the Texans’ David Johnson ($13 million)..

Is Derrick Henry a Hall of Famer?

Hall of Famer Says Henry Can Top 2,000 Yards Again. … Henry became the eighth player in NFL history to reach the milestone. He did it in his fifth NFL season, and his total ranks fifth in NFL history.

How old is Derrick Henry?

27 years (January 4, 1994)Derrick Henry/Age

What overall is Derrick Henry?

Draft: Tennessee Titans in the 2nd round (45th overall) of the 2016 NFL Draft.

How much does Derrick Henry bench?

If we didn’t already know that after watching him rush for 2,219 yards and 28 touchdowns en route to a Heisman Trophy and national championship ring with Alabama in 2015 — or that he put up 22 reps on the 225-pound bench press and ran a 4.54 40-yard dash at 6-foot-3, 247 pounds at the NFL combine — we sure do now.

How good is Derrick Henry?

Henry’s rare blend of size (6-foot-3, 247 pounds), speed and strength make life difficult for opposing defenses. “He’s like a defensive end playing running back,” former Titans running back Chris Johnson said. “He’s so big and his arms are so long, it’s hard to get into his body and get a good tackle on him.

What is Peyton Manning worth?

Peyton Manning: $250 Million.

Who benches the most in the NFL?

Stephen PaeaStephen Paea of Oregon State has the NFL combine record on the bench press, making our list of the 11 strongest, most ridiculously athletic NFL combine performances of all time with an astonishing 49 reps. Mabye, if Cena gave it a try, he could beat the record. Yeah: Cena knows what he’s talking about.

Who is the highest paid RB in the NFL?

Christian McCaffreyThe highest paid running back in the NFL is now the Carolina Panthers’ Christian McCaffrey. He currently makes $16 million a season. The New Orleans Saints’ Alvin Kamara is tied for second with the Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott at $15 million in average annual salary.

Who is the highest paid TE?

NFL’s highest paid tight ends (average salary per year):49ers TE George Kittle: $15 million.Chiefs TE Travis Kelce: $14.3 million.Patriots TE Jonnu Smith: $12.5 million.Patriots TE Hunter Henry: $12.5 million.Browns TE Austin Hooper: $10.5 million.Eagles TE Zach Ertz: $8.5 million.More items…•Jan 19, 2021

Who is the highest paid WR?

NFL’s highest paid wide receivers (average salary per year):Falcons WR Julio Jones: $22 million.Chargers WR Keenan Allen: $20 million.Cowboys WR Amari Cooper: $20 million.Saints WR Michael Thomas: $19.3 million.Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins: 18.8 million.Bengals WR A.J. … Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill: $18 million.More items…•Jan 26, 2021

Who has the best stiff arm in the NFL?

Derrick HenryEven when Derrick Henry isn’t having 200+ yard games, he finds ways to strike fear into the hearts of defenders in the form of the NFL’s best stiff arm.

How much does Derrick Henry make a year?

At $12.5 million per year, Henry is one of five running backs whose deals average better than $10 million per season and with $25.5 million guaranteed, he is one of seven assured of at least $25 million from their current pacts. Climbing costs: Henry’s base salary increases throughout the life of the deal.

What was Derrick Henry 40 yard dash?

4.54 secondsDerrick Henry/40 yard dash time

How much does Tom Brady make?

The exact salary of an NFL player varies from year to year depending on many factors, including their base contract, NFL salary caps, bonuses, performance incentives and endorsement deals. While Brady earns an average salary of $25 million under his current two-year contract, what he actually earns varies.