Quick Answer: Which Indian Cricketer Took A Hat-Trick In The First Over Of A Test Match?

Who is the king of hat trick in cricket?

Lasith MalingaWhen it comes to hat-tricks in international cricket, Lasith Malinga is the king.

He has an unbelievable five hat-tricks in international cricket..

Who took first hat trick in T20 from India?

Deepak ChaharOn Sunday, 27-year-old pacer Deepak Chahar became the first Indian ever to claim a hat-trick in a T20I match or so we are told.

Who has taken 4 wickets in 4 balls?

Shaheen AfridiShaheen Afridi takes 4 wickets in 4 balls: Watch.

Who took first hattrick in T20?

Brett LeeThe first Twenty20 hat-trick was taken by Brett Lee of Australia, playing against Bangladesh in Cape Town on September 2007. Lasith Malinga is the only bowler with multiple T20I hat-tricks.

Who has taken 6 balls 6 wickets?

Aled CareyIn a rare instance, a bowler named Aled Carey produced the ‘perfect over’ by taking six wickets in six balls while playing club cricket in Australia.

Who won the first ever Test match?

AustraliaThe first Test match, played by two national teams, was between Australia and England in Melbourne in 1877, with Australia winning.

Has Kapil Dev taken a hat trick?

The first ODI hat-trick was taken by Pakistan’s Jalal-ud-Din against Australia in Hyderabad, Sindh, in September 1982….Key.BowlerKapil DevAgainstSri LankaWickets• Roshan Mahanama (c Kiran More) • Rumesh Ratnayake (lbw) • Sanath Jayasuriya (c Sanjay Manjrekar)VenueEden Gardens, CalcuttaDate4 January 199144 more columns

Who took England’s first hat-trick in a Test match in 1883?

Billy BatesBilly Bates vs Australia – 1883 Willie ‘Billy’ Bates has the honour of claiming the first of the 14 Test hat-tricks claimed by an England player back in 1883 at the MCG.

Why is 3 wickets called a hat-trick?

Origin. The term first appeared in 1858 in cricket, to describe H. H. Stephenson taking three wickets with three consecutive deliveries. Fans held a collection for Stephenson, and presented him with a hat bought with the proceeds. The term was used in print for the first time in 1865 in the Chelmsford Chronicle.

How many hat-tricks has Shane Warne got?

List of Test hat-tricksNo.BowlerTest18.Courtney Walsh1st19.Merv Hughes2nd20.Damien Fleming2nd21.Shane Warne2nd32 more rows

Who has most hat trick?

7 players with the most hat tricksCristiano Ronaldo (54)Leo Messi (53) Three goals: Fourty eight times. … Luis Suárez (29) Three goals: Twenty times. … Robert Lewandowski (22) Main links. … Sergio Agüero (17) Three goals: Fourteen times. … Edinson Cavani (15) Three goals: Thirteen times. … Radamel Falcao (12) Three goals: ten times. … Jun 27, 2020

Who took 5 wickets in 5 balls?

Garry SobersGarry Sobers takes 5 wickets in 5 balls.

How many wickets are taken scored if a player has a hat trick?

three wicketsIn cricket, a hat-trick occurs when a bowler takes three wickets with consecutive deliveries. The deliveries may be interrupted by an over bowled by another bowler from the other end of the pitch or the other team’s innings, but must be three consecutive deliveries by the individual bowler in the same match.

Who took most number of hat tricks in IPL history?

Amit MishraThis statistic represents the players with most hat tricks in the Indian Premier League as of 2017. Amit Mishra from India was the leading hat trick taker in IPL as of 2017 with three hat tricks, while Yuvraj Singh had taken two hat tricks during the same time period.

Who is the first Indian to take hattrick in Test cricket?

Harbhajan SinghIndia’s most successful bowler of the current series, Harbhajan Singh is the latest entrant to the elite club of 26 bowlers who have claimed hat-tricks in test-cricket. Infact the off-spinner is the first Indian to achieve a hat-trick in test cricket. The history of hat-tricks dates back to 1858.

Who took most hat-tricks cricket?

Top five: Bowlers with most number of ODI hat-tricksLasith Malinga (3 hat-tricks)Wasim Akram (2 hat-tricks)Kuldeep Yadav (2 hat-tricks)Trent Boult (2 hat-tricks)Saqlain Mushtaq (2 hat-tricks)May 14, 2020

Who took first hat-trick in IPL?

Lakshmipathy BalajiLakshmipathy Balaji became the first bowler to take an IPL hat-trick in 2008 against Kings XI Punjab. The season saw two more hat-tricks with Mishra, then representing Delhi Daredevils, taking one against Deccan Chargers.

Which Indian player took a hat trick in T20 International?

Deepak ChaharDeepak Chahar became only the second Indian bowler after Ekta Bisht to clinch a hat-trick in T20 internationals as his six-wicket haul helped India beat Bangladesh by 30 runs on Sunday. With the victory at Nagpur, India won the three-match bilateral series 2-1.