Quick Answer: What Is The Most Expensive Emmitt Smith Card?

How much is Ken Griffey rookie card worth?

In 2017, one of these graded in PSA 9 condition sold for $4,651.

A PSA 10 would easily fetch five figures.

Given the heavy price tag on these, it’s safe to say these are the most highly coveted and most valuable Ken Griffey Jr.

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How much is Troy Aikman worth?

Aikman’s net worth is estimated at around $50 million. This includes the money from his football days as well as what he’s earned as a broadcaster, endorser, and entrepreneur.

How much is Kobe Bryant’s rookie card worth?

Kobe Bryant mint condition rookie card sells for nearly $1.8 million at auction – CBSSports.com.

What Emmitt Smith cards are worth money?

Emmitt Smith Rookie Cards: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide1990 Action Packed #34 Emmitt Smith Rookie Card. Estimated PSA 10 Value: $180. … 1990 Fleer Update #U40. Estimated PSA 10 Value: $25. … 1990 Pro Set #685. Estimated PSA 10 Value: $40. … 1990 Score Supplemental #101T. Estimated PSA 10 Value: $275. … 1990 Topps Traded #27T. Estimated PSA 10 Value: $25.

How much is a Emmitt Smith rookie card?

Emmitt Smith Rookie CardsItem Title ▼PriceEmmitt Smith 1990 Fleer Rookie Card #U40 BCCG 10 MINT OR BETTER (BIGJ’S) Cowboys$99.99Emmitt Smith 1990 Fleer Update Rookie #U-40$365.00Emmitt Smith 1990 pro set offensive rookie of the year card$750.00Emmitt Smith 1990 Topps Traded Rookie #27T$90.0013 more rows

How much is a Troy Aikman card worth?

Shop the Beckett MarketplaceItemQuantityPrice1991 Upper Deck #82 Troy Aikman TC357$1.601991 Upper Deck #152 Troy Aikman313$3.002010 Topps Gridiron Lineage #GLAR Troy Aikman/Troy Romo76$2.501991 Pro Line Portraits #194 Troy Aikman109$2.252 more rows

Are Shaq rookie cards worth anything?

Buy on eBay. A huge number by today’s standards, the final print run is believed to be just under 26,000. Still, this is one of the most valuable rookie-year cards for Shaq.

What Barry Sanders cards are worth money?

Barry Sanders Rookie Cards: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide1989 Score #257 Barry Sanders Rookie Card. Estimated PSA 10 Value: $200. First up is the most popular Barry Sanders rookie card of the three. … 1989 Topps Traded #83T. Estimated PSA 10 Value: $35. … 1989 Pro Set #494. Estimated PSA 10 Value: $35.

What is a Michael Jordan rookie card worth?

The PSA 10 Gem Mint Jordan Fleer rookie card has taken on a life of its own. After one of them sold for over $50,000 another sold for $96,000 just three weeks later. In late 2020, one crossed the $200,000 mark. Then, early in 2021, two sold through Goldin Auctions for more than $700,000 each.

How much is a Brett Favre rookie card worth?

The 1000 version is the one to look out for, with 10, 20, and 100 variations. 1991 Brett Favre Upper Deck Rookie Force #647: The Brett Favre Rookie Force 647 rookie card value for a raw card will go around $5 while a high-grade card (PSA 9 or 10) will sell for around $20 to $25.

How much is Terry Bradshaw worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Terry Bradshaw’s net worth can be estimated to be around $45 million. Much of the 72-year-old’s net worth can be accounted to his career as a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers and his later career as a TV presenter, analyst and actor.

How much money is Colin Kaepernick worth?

After factoring in his NFL contracts, endorsements and legal battle with the NFL, Kaepernick’s net worth is estimated to be about $20 million in 2021, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What is Mahomes net worth?

According to Yahoo Finance, Mahomes’ net worth as of 2021 is $30 million, but, as we see from his Chiefs contract, his net worth is going to increase very soon, very fast. In an interview with CBS Sports in 2020, Mahomes opened up about the deal and making history with the first half-billion-dollar sports contract.

How much is a Roger Clemens rookie card worth?

Roger Clemens Rookie CardsItem Title ▼Price1985 LEAF ROGER CLEMENS Rookie card #99 RED SOX RC$4.501985 Topps #181 Roger Clemens Boston Red Sox Pitcher Rookie Card PSA NM-MT 8$0.991985 Topps Baseball #181 Roger Clemens Rookie Card$12.0014 more rows