Quick Answer: Has A Running Back Ever Had 1000 Yards Receiving?

Who is the greatest WR of all time?

25 Greatest Wide Receivers in NFL HistoryJerry Rice.

San Francisco 1985-2000; Oakland 200-04; Seattle 2004.Steve Largent.

Seattle 1976-89.

Calvin Johnson.

Detroit 2007-15.

Don Hutson.

Green Bay 1935-45.

Larry Fitzgerald.

Arizona 2004-current.

Terrell Owens.

Randy Moss.

Cris Carter.

More items…•Feb 28, 2021.

Which QB has the most interceptions 2020?

Carson WentzCarson Wentz and Drew Lock were tied for the most interceptions in 2020, with 15 interceptions.

Who has the most drops in the NFL 2020?

Diontae Johnson is Sports Info Solutions’ dropped pass leader for 2020Diontae Johnson, Pittsburgh Steelers: 16 dropped passes. … Jerry Jeudy, Denver Broncos: 14 dropped passes. … Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs: 11 dropped passes. … Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints: 10 dropped passes.More items…•Feb 18, 2021

Who leads the NFL in passing yards all time?

Drew BreesDrew Brees, quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, is currently the all-time passing leader in the National Football League (NFL) with 80,358 yards as of February 2021. He is only one of four players in NFL history with more than 70 thousand passing yards.

What QB holds the most records?

All-time QB career records80,358 — Drew Brees.79,204 — Tom Brady.71,940 — Peyton Manning.Feb 6, 2021

Who has the most 1000 yard receiving seasons?

Jerry RiceNotesRankPlayer1,000-yard seasons1Jerry Rice^142Randy Moss^103Jimmy Smith94Terrell Owens^924 more rows

Has any team ever had 3 1000 yard receivers?

The Arizona Cardinals became the fifth team in NFL history to have three players with 1,000 yards receiving in the same season.

Has there ever been a 2000 yard receiver?

No player has ever finished with over 2,000 receiving yards in a season; the current record is 1,964 yards, set by Calvin Johnson during the 2012 season. … A Green Bay Packers player has led the league in receiving yards eleven times, the most in the NFL; the Los Angeles/St.

Has a tight end ever led the NFL in receiving yards?

Winslow was the first tight end to ever lead the NFL in receiving yards in consecutive seasons (1980-’81). Winslow made five Pro Bowls during his career.

Who is the fastest player in NFL?

Top 10 fastest NFL players in 2020 (mph)PlayerTeamTop speed (mph)Raheem Mostert49ers23.09Raheem Mostert49ers22.73Kenyan DrakeCardinals22.11Jonathan TaylorColts22.056 more rows•Feb 7, 2021

Who has the most 200 yard receiving games?

Interpreted as:NAMEGPREC YDSCalvin Johnson51,219Lance Alworth51,069Jerry Rice4959Charley Hennigan492011 more rows•Jan 3, 2021

What running back has the most receiving yards all time?

Matt Forte, Darren Sproles, Reggie Bush, and Career Leaders in RB ReceptionsReceivingRkPlayerYds1Larry Centers67972Marshall Faulk*68753LaDainian Tomlinson477217 more rows•Aug 11, 2016

Who has the most receiving touchdowns of all time?

Jerry RiceLeadersRankPlayerTD1Jerry Rice +1972Randy Moss+1563Terrell Owens+1534Cris Carter +13094 more rows

Who’s the greatest wide receiver of all time?

I will discuss who should be the bonafide GOAT and who missed the top spot.Jerry Rice. If there is one word to describe Jerry Rice being named the best wide receiver of all-time in the NFL, the word would be: obvious. … Randy Moss. … Terrell Owens. … Marvin Harrison. … Larry Fitzgerald. … Honorable mentions.Oct 13, 2020

Has an NFL team ever had 2 1000 yard rushers?

The second 1,000-yard tandem occurred four years later in 1976, when fullback Franco Harris and halfback Rocky Bleier both surpassed 1,000 yards playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. … That would have made them the first NFC team with a 1,000 yard rushing duo.

What’s the record for most receiving yards in one game?

Flipper Anderson, LA Rams (1989) — 336 yards Former LA Rams receiver Flipper Anderson tops the list for most receiving yards in a single NFL game, and he did it back in 1989.

Who has the most 100 yard receiving games in NFL history?

Jerry RiceJerry Rice holds the all-time NFL record with an incredible 76 100-yard receiving games, per Pro-Football-Reference.com’s play index.

Has any team ever had 4 1000 yard receivers?

The 2004 Indianapolis Colts produced the fourth 1,000-yard trio, consisting of wide receivers Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and Brandon Stokley.

Who has most receiving yards in NFL 2020?

More Stat SheetsRankNameTot Rec Yds1Davante Adams13742Stefon Diggs15353Calvin Ridley13744DeAndre Hopkins140721 more rows

Who holds the all time receiving yards?

Jerry RiceJerry Rice is the only player in NFL history with more than 20,000 receiving yards – the wide receiver racked up 22,895 receiving yards in a career spanning from 1985 to 2004.