How Old Is Ja Rule?

Why does 50 Cent hate his son?

50 Cent went on to sue his ex for defamation.

In a 2014 interview with Philly’s Morning Show with Shamara and Laiya, 50 Cent claimed his son “embraced his mom’s perspective on me,” which ruined their relationship.

Shaniqua denied the allegations, blaming 50 for mentally abusing their child..

What is Ja Rule’s net worth?

Ja Rule Net WorthNet Worth:$4 MillionHeight:5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)Profession:Actor, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, RapperNationality:United States of AmericaLast Updated:20202 more rows

What happened with Ja Rule and Eminem?

Ja Rule has hit back at Eminem after the rapper was called out on ‘Kamikaze’. … Now, Ja Rule has responded – and he’s convinced that Eminem is still angry after he mentioned the ‘Slim Shady’ star’s daughter, Hailie Jade Scott, in his 2002 diss track, ‘Loose Change’.

How much is 50 cents worth?

50 Cent Net WorthNet Worth:$30 MillionHeight:6 ft (1.83 m)Profession:Businessperson, Actor, Investor, Film Producer, Rapper, Screenwriter, Entrepreneur, SongwriterNationality:United States of AmericaLast Updated:20202 more rows

How many times did 2pac get shot?

Shakur was hit four times – twice in the chest, once in the arm, once in the thigh. One of the bullets went into Shakur’s right lung.

Who has more hits Ja Rule or 50 Cent?

The two Queens staples have over 60 Billboard Hot 100 hits between themselves — 40 for 50 Cent, 26 for Ja Rule. 50 almost doubles Ja’s hits, but there was a time between 1999 and 2004 where Ja was one of the biggest acts in mainstream rap.

Who shot 50 Cent?

They were driven to a hospital, where Jackson spent thirteen days. The alleged attacker, Darryl Baum, Mike Tyson’s close friend and bodyguard, was killed three weeks later. Jackson recalled the shooting: “It happens so fast that you don’t even get a chance to shoot back ….

How much is DMX worth?

How DMX Fell to a -$10 Million Net WorthNet Worth$10 MillionAge48BornMount Vernon, New YorkBirth DateDecember 18, 1970Source of WealthRapper, Song Writer, Actor2 more rows

How many #1 songs does 50 Cent have?

Since the release of “Crack a Bottle,” 50 has not had a No. 1 hit. However, he was a king of the charts in the 2000s — and his influence extends to this day.

Did 50 Cent actually get shot 9 times?

50 Cent did not fabricate this story; He was indeed shot nine times back in 2000. Bullets pierced his hand, arm, hip, both legs, chest, and face, which resulted in a dimple scar and slur that is often heard in his music.

What is 50’s biggest hit?

In da ClubTrack listingNo.TitleLength1.”In da Club”3:132.”21 Questions” (featuring Nate Dogg)3:443.”P.I.M.P.”4:094.”Disco Inferno”3:3415 more rows

Why did Ja Rule fall off?

His Career Went Downhill After His Label’s Legal Troubles And A Rap Beef. … Ja’s career suffered; Murder Inc.’s parent label, Def Jam, blocked the release of some of Ja’s old music, thus preventing him from making money on it. Murder Inc., its founders Chris and Irv Gotti, and Ja also got slammed in the press.

What songs did Ja Rule write?

Original songsTitleWritten byOriginal dateAlways on TimeIrving Lorenzo, Ja Rule, 7 Aurelius2001Can I Get A…Jay-Z, Irving Lorenzo, Ja Rule, Robin Andre MaysSeptember 29, 1998ReignIrving Lorenzo, Ja Rule, 7 Aurelius, Chris Bristole, Otha Miller2003Turn It UpAshanti, Irving Lorenzo, Kendred T. Smith, Ja Rule20041 more row

How many songs do Ja Rule and Ashanti have together?

The two artists are longtime friends and business partners — the duo has recorded at least 10 songs together, starting with the hit single, “What’s Luv?” in 2001.

Who is Ja Rule wife?

Aisha Atkinsm. 2001Ja Rule/Wife

Is Ja Rule 11 years old?

Ja Rule. Most 44-year-olds are having mid-life crises, but since he’s only 11 years old, Ja Rule’s only worry is ruling the monkey bars at recess.

How many #1 does 50 Cent have?

7 number50 Cent – 7 number-one singles.