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Welcome to Stock by Priiincesss, a collection of beautiful FREE stock photos created for black women by black women. Our goal is to showcase beautiful happy black women working, living, loving and traveling the world!! 

New images are added every quarter, they are 100% free and available to you for DIGITAL use only. To get full access to the galleries we do asked that you join our email list, HERE. If planning on using the images on printed marketing materials, you  must email us shostbypriiincesss@gmail.com. 

Meet Your Photographer: Priiincesss. Haitian girl from South Florida living in the beautiful Atlanta, Ga! Priiincesss is a blogger and photographer! As a creative Priiincesss is fully aware of the shortage of BLACK WOMEN being represented in the world of Stock Photos. So She Created Stock by Priiincesss.

Her only goal is to create beautiful stock images of happy black women in their element. Living, loving and of course working!! Keep up with Priiincesss on the gram as @iampriiincesss

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Yes, our stock images are 100% free. We only ask that our ladies  join our email list HERE to access the quarterly galleries.




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Due to the Coronavirus I am sad to cancel my Summer Tour and reschedule for a later date in 2021. While I’m canceling the official tour I will still be visiting some of the cities for work and will be open to shooting clients as time permits. 

Stock by Priiincesss will be on tour all summer 2021 until the end of Fall 2021. While on Tour we will be shooting stock photos as well as seeing Shots by Priiincesss Clients. We will be sharing the dates of each city as we go but if hope to work with us during the tour you can book a session HERE or shoot us an email to shotsbypriiincesss@gmail.com. 

How would you like to include your beautiful products in our Quarterly Stock Photos?

We are always accepting products for our shoots. 

More about the Stock Photos: Every Single quarter we release a gallery of new stock photos that our girls can use to promote and showcase their brands online! Over 1000 women have downloaded the stock photos to date, meaning over a 1000 boss babes will be showcasing  YOUR products on their platforms!

What kind of products are we accepting? Women products!

T-shirts, books, magazines, accessories, watches, jewelry,  candles, shoes, electronics, planners, food, snacks, beauty products, flowers, household goods. skincare products, just to name a few. 

How do I signup?
Great, ALL you have to do is book our Stock Photos package HERE and once booked, download the PDF which will provide the mailing address.

And with that package you can send 1-2 Products. Unless sending small accessories then you can send up to 5 products.

And if hope to send more products please email us, shotsbypriiincesss@gmail.com.