DAY 22: Be Flexible

One thing I've learned to be in my business is flexible. While my work come first I've learn to be flexible enough to close my calendar as needed to go on a last minute girls trip. Not to say I won't be working on the trip but I'll bring my computer and work in between all the fun.

DAY 23: Family Business

One of my favorite things to see is seeing women making the whole family feel like they are a part of the business. My clients will bring their kids to shoots to assist, bring their husband to do behind the scenes social media content. Not only will they feel like they are a part of the brand you'll also to get to spend time with them.

DAY 24 Single Ladies

As someone who's been dating this entire journey, while my werk is a priority I am not interested in marrying my business. So if you are not dating at the moment I would still add a solo date night to your schedule so when you are dating you don't have to feel like you are taking time away from your business to hangout with someone new.

DAY 25 Email Hours

I know you thing you should be reading emails 24/7 but you don't. You can create a consistent window to read and return emails. For example, You can read and return emails 3x per day. Mornings, midday and late afternoon. Anything received after 5pm unless it's urgent will be answered the next day. You can set your email hours based of your routine.

DAY 26 Take Breaks

It's ok to take breaks. While I have a consistent werk schedule I also have a consistent day off. It's good to have a day where you can step away from work and enjoy life. Pick a day out of the week and go do something you love. I love movies, so Tuesday is my day off and I go to the movies.

DAY 27: Business Calls

My phone goes on DO NOT DISTURB at 10pm every single night until 9am the next morning. Because a part of my Life Balance plan is to create clear boundaries. Consistent boundaries that myself, my team and my clients understand and respect.

DAY 28: Selfcare

I decided to add self-care because well, you can't consistently show up and put in the werk if you are not showing up for yourself. Personally self-care to me is SLEEP. I never feel like I get enough sleep, so I try to sleep in at least once a week, which is normally Tuesday. But feel free to pick any day and spend time with YOU.