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2020 changed a lot of things for most of us and as a creative at heart I spent months thinking of the best way to pivot my photography business that doesn’t require in person interactions and this Product Photography corner is the pivot. Let’s werk ūüėȬ†


must follow 

My main goal is to make this booking and shooting system as simple as possible for both of us. So I have created a 4 Step by Step System. And all I ask is that you follow the system.

Like I said ALL I asked that you follow the step by step system. Step 1: Book the products session. Step 2: Check your email, from the confirm email click on SHIPPING DETAILS. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE PAGE.  Step 3: Ship the products. Step 4: EMAIL ME THE TRACKING NUMBER to  

Are you ready for beautiful quality professional images of your products?

I am always accepting all kind of products. 

let’s¬†discuss products:¬†I have listed some examples of the type of products I shoot below, but if you are still not sure if I shoot your type of¬†products please feel free to shoot me an email.¬†

What kind of products am I  accepting? ALL kind of products!

T-shirts, book, magazines, accessories, watches, jewelry,  candles, shoes, electronics, planners, food, snacks, beauty products, flowers, household products. skincare products, just to name a few. 

How do I book?
Great question, ALL you have to do is book the Product Photography package HERE and once booked, check your email, download the PDF which will provide full mailing details.

And with that package you can can you send up to 5 Products. Unless sending really small, I mean TINY accessories then you can send up to 8 products.

And if hope to send more products than the package stated you MUST email me PRIOR to booking 

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